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When was of holiday the week last, decided to upload a cute photo to Instagram to discover that is me drove out of it has. A warning said that someone in Russia tried of access my has and that to verify my has had that reset my password through email or Facebook.

First, I tried it via Facebook because already had linked the two accounts. But, instead of logging into my account buy real instagram followers, my repeated attempts only resulted in a message that Facebook had already authorized Instagram.

Then, I tried to reset my password via email. I received a message from the support team Instagram with a six-digit security code. After read carefully the message to ensure me of that not was also a try of a hacker of access my has, entered the code and was ready to return to my routine Instagramera. But I had no luck. The code not coincided with my account of email.

Did a second try to so I sent another code of safety, and was that my email is had removed of my has. Was blocked.

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I went into panic. I went to the center of support of Instagram and found the link of contact. I wrote an email quickly explaining my misfortune.

Immediately received a response with a strange series of instructions and a code of nine digits. Again, looked up in Google to ensure me of that this email came, in fact, of Instagram and not of a scammer. After check of that came of Instagram, followed the instructions, that I indicated that responded to the message and attached a photo mine. In accordance with the indications of Instagram, the photo attached was that.

Fortunately, my feed of Instagram includes some selfies. Say “Fortunately” because Instagram must match the photo attached with an image of your feed to to confirm your identity.

Sent my photo and four hours later received a message that said that my account had been verified you can buy real instagram followers . The last step was Instagram exit from all my devices and click the link that is included in the email to select a new password and enter again.

If you are reading this note because it is blocked you the access to your account from Instagram, I hope that this article will give you some peace and quiet and guide you to restore your access. I suggest that you upload one or two selfies, if you have not done so yet, so that Instagram can verify your identity.